Currently there are 14 members in our Nunnery family, ordained as Novice Nuns and pursuing their higher studies at the institute. There is already a long waiting list of girls who want to be enrolled at the institute. We are very delighted to see that many mothers and parents have themselves requested for their daughters to be educated at the institute. This is good sign that there is rising awareness in the local community for educating girls.

But unfortunately we have very limited facilities at the institute and thus can enroll only certain number of students. More rooms are urgently needed to be constructed to accommodate more students. We also need to make more bathrooms and other necessary facilities.

Why don’t our novice nuns shave their heads? :
Our novice nuns are known as “Rishinis” or the novice female practitioners. “Rishini” tradition is unique to Nepali Theravada Buddhist tradition. It was introduced from Burma by pioneer Buddhist nuns of Nepal. For those wishing to ordain as a Buddhist nun in Nepal there are several options. Rishinis receive ten precepts (Dasasila) during the “RishiniPabajjya” (novice ordination) and follow a semi monastic lifestyle, learning basic Buddhist teachings and practicing daily meditations. Rishinis don’t have to shave their heads. After practicing as “Rishinis” from one to three years, one could go for higher ordination.