Our Teachers

Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita
Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita (Lori Forster) is an ordained Buddhist Nun and has been a practicing Buddhist since 2003. Bodhi has volunteered, studied and practiced Buddhism in several countries on many occasions including intensive meditation retreats and spiritual pilgrimages. She has also carried out a comparative study of the history and different lineages of Buddhism under the guidance of Venerable MetteyyaSakyaputta. Guruma Bodhi continues to study and practice Vipassana Insight, Sri Lankan and Nepali Theravada and Tibetan traditions with an interest in becoming more familiar with other traditions and lineages of Buddhism such as Zen, and Pureland.

Bodhi is the president of Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association, and a founding member of Peace Grove Institute (Nunnery and GirlsCollege- formerly called Sakyadhita Institute) in Nepal . Bodhi is the Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Alberta Interfaith Chaplains Association and has previously served on the board of directors at the Valley Zoo, Vegetarians of Alberta and was a master composter and recycler with the City of Edmonton. Bodhi is also employed at Environment Canada working in environmental protection.

Venerable MetteyyaSakyaputta 
Venerable Metteyya is our spiritual guide and resident teacher. The venerable was born in the same birthplace as the Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal. Although born into a devout Hindu family he met his Buddhist teacher, Venerable Sujata at the age of nine and studied and practiced meditation under the venerable teacher for many years. Though he has primarily studied under the Theravada tradition, Metteyya has also received teachings directly from the well known teachers of Tibetan Sakya traditions. He has also studied with the Vietnamese Pure Land tradition and has thorough comparative, theoretical and practical understanding of the various Buddhist traditions. He says that knowledge of many traditions of Buddhism has helped him to pinpoint the core and most essential Buddhist teachings

Metteyya has always been involved in social service work in the community and at age 15, Ven. Metteyya began building Metta School with his dedicated friends, calling it‘A Seed of Compassion.’ Now this little seed has grown up like a little banyan tree! It provides help and education to approximately 900 students and encourages many young volunteers to spread the gift of education for the needy children of Lumbini area. Ven. Metteyya, now 23, also co-founded Peace Grove Institute (Nunnery and Girls College) in Nepal and is a strong advocate
for women’s education and equality in Nepal. He was recently featured in the PBS film ‘The Buddha’ by David Grubin.

Root teachers and patrons of our Institute:

Venerable Anagarika Sujata
Venerable Sujata is a well known Nepali Buddhist Nun and is root teacher of our Venerable Metteyya. Ven. Sujata has bestowed her great kindness to lumbini and worked tirelessly to bring the Buddha’s teachings to his birth-land. She started the “PariyattiSkisha” (Buddhist Education) in Lumbini. Ven. Metteyya studied under her for 9 years. Her kind teachings have showed us the path and have given us inspiration. We offer our gratefulness towards her and wish for her long life.


Mahathero Ven. BhikkhuMaitri
Venerable Maitri is ordaining Acharya of our teacher Venerable Metteyya and is patron of our projects in Lumbini. Venerable Maitri is the pioneer monk who brought the influx of Buddhist activities in Lumbini and founded International Buddhist Society in Lumbini. Venerable Maitri lives in Lumbini and his kind presence provides us valuable advice and help for our activities. Our Metta Family wishes him a good health and long life.