Anatta Children’s Library

Children around Lumbini do not have access to books and literature. The library was born with the aim to provide resources to help young people of Lumbini. It is the first children’s library in the region

The children’s library has many wonderful children’s book in Nepali, Hindi and English. Every Saturday children gather there to read, play andparticipate in audiovisual presentations.

The library also serves as a community space for various meetings, the adjacent Girls’ College and mothers’ gatherings.
There are plans to develop two more Children’s libraries in theLumbini region in upcoming years.

“Uniting the Children through Art”
Anatta/ArtWare Tile Wall Project

The center of attraction at the library is the “Garden of Harmony Tile Wall” that adorns the northern wall of the library. It was a beautiful international student art exchange program that linked the students from Lumbini with the students at the Bullock School in New Jersey. Students painted their art based on the theme of “Our Community as a garden of harmony” and through the help of ArtWare the children’s art was put to ceramic tiles and installed on the wall.

In June 2013, Anatta members and volunteers travelled to Lumbini and worked tirelessly to install the tiles on the wall and to paint beautiful murals on the library walls.

An old Nepali saying referred to the diversity of its people as “agarden of flowers” from different castes and ethnicities. Just as thevariety of flowers add to the garden’s splendor, so our diversity makesus beautiful. This was a time-tested strategy that held the glue of this little country together for many generations. Currently, the benefit of community within diversity is not as clear in Nepali society. Sadly, children in Nepal are being educated in an unhealthy environment of ethnic conflict and separation. The Garden of Harmony is a project designed to help all participating children learn the true meaning of community: cooperation, acceptance and harmony. We need your support to make it a reality!