Tailoring Project

As mothers are the central core of the Nepali extended family structure, their education will ultimately increase the entire village community’s capacity for sustainable health, education, and vocational growth. 

Our first program is a tailoring workshop.  Traditionally, women in rural Lumbini have never held jobs outside the home.  In Nepalese Terai culture, however, women are not allowed to be measured by the male tailors for new clothing.  Often old garments will be sent to the tailor by one of the children so that new garments may be sewn.  The problems inherent in this system are readily apparent.

At the conclusion of our seven-month course, the women will possess the knowledge to tailor the basic garments worn in their culture, as well as the essentials for setting up their own shops.  They will be the first women tailors gainfully employed in the greater area.  There are already 25 women enrolled with many more awaiting the opportunity to learn.