Proposed Health Care Projects


  1. There is a general absence of healthcare facilities in the Lumbini and Kapilavastu area. Total area of Kapilavastu district is 1,738 sq. km. and has the population of over 571,936 people. There is only one government hospital with 30 bed capacity and as per the government records there are only 7 doctors, 97 nurses and 124 paramedics to serve the whole district.  
  2. Maternal health and infant mortality are major problems in Nepal, despite recent efforts for improvement.  Access to emergency caesarian operations is limited outside of Kathmandu and other major cities, and often financially beyond the reach of the majority of Nepalese.

A community based hospital in the birthplace of the Buddha will provide and ensure affordable access to a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated means of proper medical services for the worldwide visitors to the sacred birthplace of the Buddha as well as the resident communities of new Lumbini and the rural villages surrounding Rupandehi and Kapilavastu districts.


We propose to set up a 100 bed community hospital in Lumbini and local health care team.

The focus of this program is to create a comprehensive health program (preventative, curative and rehabilitative), and to help train and create much needed health workers at the local community level. Apart from providing health care to the visitors and pilgrims of Lumbini this project aims to create access to health care services to poor and marginalized rural communities living in and around Lumbini and Kapilavastu Region.

The hospital will be based on the principals of Dhamma and compassion as exemplified by the Buddha himself.  Apart from offering emergency and critical care the hospital will greatly focus on preventative and educational aspects by raising awareness and understanding of the rural villagers about the causes of the health problems and how to over come them.